“Being like everybody else is overrated. Be you.”


In UNDER THE RADAR, a contemporary, upper-middle grade novel, 13-year-old Lulu must navigate middle school while hiding her autism.

Lulu knows the class bullies will eat her alive unless she stays under the radar. But that means hiding one of her talents. Lulu can sing—really sing! Convinced by her new friend to audition for the school musical, Lulu is thrust into the limelight, and she worries her autism will find the limelight, too. Now Lulu must decide if her new sense of belonging is worth the risk or if she should go back under the radar.

Complete at 42,000 words, UNDER THE RADAR is like Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret, if Margaret had autism. This coming-of-age story is the next step for older fans of Fish in a Tree, Rules, and Rain Reign.

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